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Wow, Pilates! is located in beautiful and serene Sonoma Valley, California, a geographical hub of wellness, holistic healing and, of course…wine.  For many based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pilates is a way of life.  This region of the world has given birth to many phenomenal Pilates instructors and techniques.

The idea for Wow, Pilates! came at a time of much uncertainty. The new normal thrust upon us due to the pandemic forced many out of the community and away from the routine places that kept them centered, balanced and gave them a sense of belonging.  Fitness centers reopened with new guidelines and a lingering insecurity as to the safety of communal exercise.  So many patrons were forced to stay in to protect themselves from the unknown and forego their practice.

Wow, Pilates! believes now more than ever is the time for people to embrace the power of Pilates.  Pilates is not only a full body strengthening system, but it also fuses the mind/body connection offering total balance and a sense of wellbeing.  Through micro-movements and precision, Pilates targets the tiny little muscles that so often get ignored in our everyday routines.  An imbalanced body can lead to pain and injuries as we get older.

We are fortunate to have many brilliant and dedicated certified instructors sharing their expertise with budding practitioners all over the USA.  Check out our content library and our state-of-the-art Pilates apparatuses available for purchase.

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