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Pilates Over 50: Why It’s an Absolute Must

While there are some advantages to being over fifty such as feeling freer to express yourself and perhaps more fearless, the changes that come with …

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Reformer vs Mat Pilates: What’s the Diff?

Whether you are doing Pilates exercises on the Reformer or the mat, Pilates is based on three principles: Breath, Whole-Body Health, and Whole-Body Commitment 

Madeline Black Is A Perennial

In 1990, a dancer named Madeline Black arrived in San Francisco and opened the first Pilates studio in the Dog Patch section of Potrero Hill.  Read all about Madellne’s journey as told by one of her students in this exclusive interview. 

Tight Hamstrings? Pilates To the Rescue!

As a Pilates instructor, one of the most common complaints I hear from my clients are tight hamstrings. While they make an effort to stretch them out using basic hamstring stretches, it doesn’t appear to last. 

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