Elina Pilates

Elina Pilates has been manufacturing premier Pilates Equipment since 2003.  They credit their innovation to a collaborative effort to develop high quality Pilates gear at a competitive price. Based out of Spain, Elina Pilates, is considered one of the leading manufacturers in Pilates apparatuses due to their high standards of excellence and stringent quality control.  Their sleek design and quality machines can be attributed to the input of more than 50 Pilates method worldwide experts who work in sports, education and psychomotor industries.

Their range of product is fit for a spectrum of practitioners from the new Pilates student to the seasoned devotee.   Elegant, robust and built to last, the full Elina Pilates line consists of Pilates reformers, Cadillacs, Barrels, Wall Units, Chairs and more.  from aluminum to wood construction, there is something for everyone from Elina Pilates.


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